Navigating Life’s Challenges: A Conversation with Professional Coach and Mentor, Jay Tam

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In this week’s episode of Mentors By Design with Victor and his special guest, Jay Tam, a professional coach and mentor. Victor shares how he was amazed by Jay’s story and that he was inspired by Jay’s ability to take control of his life, despite difficult obstacles. Jay shares his story of growing up in 30 different places and how his parents, who were both Japanese, only spoke broken English. He explains how his father was never a legal citizen and had a habit of leaving for long periods of time, yet he still had faith in his father.

Jay also shares how he was placed in multiple foster homes and youth homes in Pontiac, Michigan. He talks about how he learned to take control of his life by understanding the meaning of different situations and focusing on the tools he had access to. He also shares how he was able to view situations from multiple perspectives, which ultimately led him to become a coach and mentor. Jay has taken this wisdom and created powerful coaching and mentoring tools.

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Story Notes:

• Introducing Jay Tam and his Story

• How Jay ended up in Three Foster Homes and Two Youth Homes

• Controlling State of Mind and Viewing Experiences From a Young Age

• Making use of the Tools You have

• How to be a Better Coach and Mentor, Using Your Own Experiences as Examples

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