Navigating the Regulatory Landscape with Sam Jammal

Adam Torres and Sam Jammal discuss the regulatory landscape.

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Show Notes:

Staying in compliance with regulators is crucial to business planning. Incorporating a proper strategy is vital to long term success. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Sam Jammal, Regulatory Affairs Director and Counsel for Firefly, explore the regulatory landscape and what businesses should know.

About Sam Jammal

I am a California-licensed attorney with extensive experience in regulatory affairs and shaping public policy for early growth companies in the clean energy and technology sectors. In addition to my work with innovative companies, I have held senior roles in government through my experience in Congress and the Obama Administration. These experiences have given me perspective on navigating complex regulatory environments and opening new markets.

About Firefly

We are building the first mobility based Smart Screens – Smart Cities advertising and data platform that utilizes the ride share and gig economy for distribution and scale. Our unique location-based, “situationally aware” software and 1st party data enables the most granular, audience based targeting of any away from home medium on any screen type.

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