Nazmi Ozokur: Do What You Love!

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Ken talks with Nazmi(Naz) about his leadership journey. Naz moved to the U.S. from Turkey in 2001, not knowing how to speak English and with only $850 to his name. He started waiting tables & bartending while learning English and moved up to managing a high-end restaurant and wine bar in Manhattan. This gave Naz the confidence he needed to open his own restaurants. In total, he was the owner & operator of 5 restaurants before exiting the Restaurant business in 2019. From there, he launched an e-commerce platform http://www.quicksuppliesonline.com, where he works today.

Nazmi Ozokur(Naz)has been married for 11 years and has a 7-year-old daughter and a baby boy arriving any day!

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