Neil Pentland Wants to Help Screenprinting & Embroidery Businesses Grow

Neil Pentland, Co-founder of DecoNetwork, was interviewed on Mission Matters Innovation Podcast by Adam Torres.

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Neil Pentland’s passion is Print shop management software for the Garment Decoration Industry.

Within DecoNetwork.com, Pentland is continually researching how to better enable screenprinting and garment embroidery businesses to more effectively manage their quoting, order workflows and processing to increase profits and expand their revenue.

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How is the print-to-wear industry evolving these days?

“What entices me every day is experiencing the evolution of this great industry into smart online websites enabling the businesses to manufacture and deliver in days not weeks” Pentland says industry innovations have made managing a print shop business much less stressful and more profitable. “I’ve talked to a lot of printers, and I’m astounded at their skills. It inspires me on a daily basis, and I know that by providing world-class business technology and solutions for them, we both win… it is such a journey.” 

A rocky road with lessons learned

Pentland, who describes himself as something of a serial entrepreneur, started his technology career in 1982 as a computer consultant. In 1996, he started Atnet, the third ISP to launch on the Gold Coast, where he poured his passion for technology into developing internet solutions for businesses. Later, he launched Golden Orb Technologies, a tech company that earned Queensland Innovation Awards for online ecommerce solutions. Golden Orb was eventually rebranded as DecoNetwork, a niche business solution for the print-to-wear industry. 

Having faced some troubling trials and tribulations himself, including being falsely accused and charged with a serious cold case crime (after many months in jail on remand, a not-guilty verdict resulted at his trial). Pentland says he knows what it’s like for one’s life to be turned upside down, requiring years to regain balance and stability. His book, Operation Carye: Trials and Tribulations, is a tale of adversity, redemption and inspiration.

What’s ahead for DecoNetwork

Getting back to business, he says, “If we’re going to be ubiquitous throughout the industry, we need to enhance our relationships with garment and machine vendors so they can better experience the benefits we can deliver for them and their customers.”

The USA largest Print-to-Wear Industry Trade Show “Impressions Expo” is coming up in January and Deconetwork will be there. Pentland notes, “We’re continually expanding our service with many updates and new features… (for instance), besides allowing our licensees to create multiple websites that enable customers to create and order custom decorated apparel, the orders now flow into a scheduling calendar automatically keeping the consumer, the process workers and management informed as to the progress of their orders.”

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