Next-Gen Realtors Emily Duke and Aaron Cummins are Changing the Real Estate Landscape

Emily Duke and Aaron Cummins, Co-Founders of LUX. Denver and LUX. Front Range, are interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast with Adam Torres.

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It is rare for people who do business to keep in mind genuinely building and nurturing a new relationship with clients. At every relationship’s beginning, there’s a “blink moment” when a person suddenly gets the gut feeling that they can get more from the other person.

You’ve felt that moment between you and your best friend or you and your partner. And it can happen between you and your clientele. That’s what Emily Duke and Aaron Cummins believe. 

Emily Duke and Aaron Cummins are the co-founders of LUX. Denver and LUX. Front Range. Working together for eight years, these Realtors emphasize understanding their clients, creating an exceptional client experience, and growing in a space previously untouched by the standard Real Estate Industry. 

The journey from psychology to real estate

Emily and Aaron, psychology graduates and real estate explorers, first met at a downtown Denver coffee shop. What followed opened up what’s possible inside of merging forces and creating something the real estate industry was silently longing for amidst an industry of status quo thinkers.

From hiring the right people to understanding the client and broker perspective, things that matter to them, and how they want to live, LUX. helps clients get into the next phase of their life in a more meaningful way. Contradictory to the profit-first mentality often found in real estate where people are all about closing the sale, a person’s life, future, and financial success are always at the forefront of the LUX. experience. 

It’s all about understanding the client’s perspective, what matters to them in life and using those qualities to identify a meaningful home and lifestyle. They focus on creating interpersonal relationships with clientele, built not only on the nuts and bolts of selling a property, but more importantly on their client’s most meaningful interests.

Merging psychology with real estate, LUX. Denver and LUX. Front Range was founded on strong principles driven by understanding people and their experience, the qualities which are often missing in today’s real estate practices. 

Unfortunately, many brokers are left to choose between financial freedom, consistent support, and branding. At LUX., brokers are offered a space where they do not have to sacrifice any of these to acquire brand quality and reputation. 

The pandemic’s impact on real estate and how LUX. stands out

The COVID-19 crisis significantly impacted the residential real estate market this spring, leading to fewer buyers looking for homes and fewer sellers willing to list their properties or allow strangers to enter their properties during a pandemic.

Despite the steep downturn during the early spring, home sales rebounded in the summer. The after-effects of the pandemic are such that people are now expecting bigger homes, bigger yards, with an attitude of, “I’m going to live in this house, and I’m going to love it.” Emily explains, “It’s interesting to see prices soaring and new Metro areas becoming more popular, creating a level of never-before-seen real estate market competition.”

Steering the buyer journey in a meaningful way, the LUX. experience focuses more on emotional handholding than just a successful transaction. The key attributes that define the LUX. experience are excellence in service, honesty, and communication. 

“As realtors, we can’t legally advise people, but we can support them at every stage of their journey. Nonetheless, it’s being available for the clients. The LUX. experience is all about providing a red carpet service to our clients, irrespective of their price point,” says Aaron. 


LUX. Denver Real Estate Company and LUX. Front Range was founded by Colorado natives Aaron Cummins and Emily Duke. Passionate about the concept of ‘Inspired Living,’ these real estate visionaries with impressive psychology backgrounds help residential sellers, buyers, and investors make informed and progressive real estate decisions. 

If you want to learn more about LUX. Denver and LUX. Front Range and how they inspire living, you can visit their website at https://luxdenver.com/  and   http://luxfrontrange.com/ or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn at @luxdenver and @luxfrontrange.