NYC Accident Lawyer Glenn A. Herman Talks About Helping Cyclists After Road Accidents

Leading Manhattan based  bicycle Accident attorney, Glenn A. Herman, Founder of Herman & Herman PC, was interviewed on Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

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Representing cyclists and pedestrians, among other injury victims, the Herman & Herman Law Firm helps those most vulnerable to accidents get back on track after an unfortunate event.

A passionate athlete, Glenn Herman was introduced to cycling years ago by his brother. “It opened up a whole new world of adventure and fun. It was great exercise, and I felt like a kid again,” shares Herman, who picked up on the pastime after enjoying running for years. Today, his law firm represents people who have been injured in collisions and falls and helps them fight for compensation to cover their injuries and expenses and to get their lives back.

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The rise of e-Bikes and accident rates

“I’ll separate mopeds and e-bikes here,” Herman says as he begins explaining the recent rise in accidents on urban streets. “The mopeds are like the gas-powered Vespas, except they are electric and run on batteries. There’s a company in New York, called Revel, that has placed electric mopeds throughout the city that are parked on the street between cars. These vehicles have license plates, insurance and are registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. When you ride them, you have to follow the rules of the road, like a motorcycle. They are dangerous and many people have been hurt and some have died while riding on them”

“The other electric vehicles, which in New York became legal last year,” he continues, “(are) e-Bikes, (which) can go into dedicated bike lanes. They’re not supposed to be riding on the streets unless there are no dedicated bike lanes. The problem with many of these vehicles, now referred to as micro-mobility vehicles, is that a lot of them go fast, approximately 20-25 miles an hour. Now in New York, some go a lot faster.  They are permitted on the city’s streets and their popularity is increasing.” 

How does the Herman & Herman Law Firm  handle personal injury cases?

Herman & Herman PC is a law firm that handles exclusively personal injury cases.  The firm, located in Midtown Manhattan near Times Square, is owned by Glenn and Robin Herman. Having run the gamut of every kind of injury case, Glenn has built up the versatility to solve issues resulting from a range of circumstances from bicycle accidents to complicated medical practice cases. 

 “We’re now focused on many scooter cases, bicycle caces, pedestrian cases, and automobile accident cases,” he says. “We handle the cases ourselves; we don’t hand a client file off to an associate. So, when you hire us, you get us,” he says.

How to prevent road accidents

First and foremost, Herman advises everyone to wear a helmet. 

“If you find it difficult to carry one, you can use a collapsible helmet,” he says. “Even during the day, get a front light that flashes white, and a backlight that flickers red. You have no idea how visible that makes you to people coming at you.” 

“When riding with cars on your right-hand side or left-hand side, stay a few feet away from them,” he continues. “Follow the rules of the road. We have dedicated bike lanes now that we’ve never had before. Be careful when you’re driving through an intersection. Don’t move if there’s a car moving too; you just never know if they’re going to make a right turn. Those are a couple of things that cyclists can try to do to stay a little safer,” he shares. 

What to do after a bicycle crash

Herman says when a cyclist is involved in an accident with a vehicle, “Get to safety and call 911 immediately,” he advises.  You will need a police report.  Next, if possible, “Get as much information as you can from the vehicle,” he says. “Take some pictures, get the drivers’ license, registration and talk to the witnesses.” It’s important to get all the information.  You may feel okay at the time but often, days later, an injury could reveal itself. The insurance from the vehicle will pay your ambulance, hospital, medical and other expenses if you’ve suffered an injury.

Consulting an experienced personal injury attorney may also be in your best interest, he notes, as the cost is free and you and to ensure you receive the appropriate compensation.

To learn more about Glenn and Herman & Herman PC, visit https://hermannyc.com/.