Oh The Stories I Can Tell! 30 Years of a Bitter-Sweet Travel Career

This premier episode of Freedom Travel Podcast, Annie Collins, Owner & Travel Architect, coincides with a poignant piece of history — the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.  Following the disbelief, the shocking reality, a lifestyle completely restructured came the calm and reflection of my life and my career.  I tumbled through stories that touched my heart, broke my heart–stories that gave form and direction and gently transformed me from a travel agent to a travel architect.

Story Notes:

  • Life as a Navy brat, including living in Cuba — the subtle experiences that led me to the travel industry
  • Mother brings home two hitch-hikers from Switzerland
  • Parents retire to Portugal
  • 1990 — The creation of Freedom Travel starts with my career as Ex Dir of Oriental Rug Retailers of America
  • Group Travel lessons and the Paint Portugal trips  
  • 2006 — Retired from NOMA and went full time with Freedom Travel at the same time of internet explosion and Great Recession.
  • Success = Resilience and Blind Faith

Annie Collins is a true Travel Architect–passionate about custom-designing unique and seamless travel experiences.  If you would like to have a conversation with Annie about planning your next trip, head on over to freedomtravelllc.com to arrange a convenient time.

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