Olivier Day Launches Awaken The Awesome Podcast

 Adam Torres and Olivier Day discuss the Awaken The Awesome Podcast.

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Show Notes:

New podcast alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Olivier Day, Creator & Host at Awaken The Awesome Podcast, explore Olivier’s podcast.

About Olivier Day

Originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Olivier was rather familiar with overcoming obstacles. Indeed, Olivier has 20+ years of experience in the field of customer service & support. Tasks and duties varying from product research to sales, retention, conflict resolution, problem solving & continuing education. Joined Stanley CSS(formerly Microtec) in 2005, stationed as an operator at the Montreal Monitoring Station. Promoted to Staff Supervisor in 2007. In 2010, implemented a widely successful training program aimed at the improvement of staff’s active involvement towards better service to subscribers. Appointed to active Coach.

In 2011, appointed as Operations Mgr. Tasks include: recruitment, continuing education, customer disputes, technical support, on-call emergency response. In 2012, was appointed Senior Instructor for Quebec City and Montreal ProtectionNet Centers. New challenges later arose as he was appointed Operations Mgr of Service Dispatch and Data Entry departments. Life changes came knocking – he & his wife were blessed with a new baby 2013. Priorities shifted. Adjustments had to be made. After a brief hiatus in early 2015, welcomed an impressive new set of challenges as Environmental Services Manager for Aramark QC. In 2016, with another addition to the family, he made the difficult decision to put his career aside and focus on being more present for his loved ones. Opportunities are never far and that’s what happened. He joined the team at Nuera Air. A chapter that was short-lived as personal circumstances and health issues resulted in a respectful parting of ways.

In 2017, with absolutely no experience in the field of Construction, took a leap of faith and took on new responsibilities as AfterSales coordinator for the Montérégie area at Solaris Quebec Portes & Fenêtres. A position which has truly seen him grow and come into his own as a dedicated, resourceful and valuable collaborator to clients as well as colleagues. Olivier is also a seasoned podcaster, bonafide geek, and ferocious Spartan Racer. After a bout with depression, his podcast(“Awaken The Awesome”) was created as both of means of recording his journey as well as extending a hand, as the aim is to connect with individuals, who in their own authentic way, get to teach us how to embrace, define and express the Awesomeness that lies within all of us.

Olivier continues to promote the necessary message that we are in this together and that it is within us, willfully, to “Do Better. Everyday” as we continue to Stay Awesome. 

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