On a Mission to Create Thriving Workplaces

Adam Torres and Janine Hamner Holman discuss what it takes to create a thriving workplace.

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Show Notes:  

Janine and her team are all about creating thriving employee organizations to drive innovation and profits. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Janine Hamner Holman, Founder and CEO at J&J Consulting Group, explore the current and future state of the workplace and what employers should know to remain innovative and retain top talent. 

About J and J Consulting Group, LLC

J & J Consulting Group has a team of professionals as thier  trainers, coaches, and speakers, each highly trained in their respective niche. Together they supply a comprehensive solution to meet thier client’s needs.

Janine is a nationally recognized expert trained in empowering people, teams and organizations. She has spent the last ten years studying the intersection of brain science, emotional intelligence and communication and has combined them in an accessible and revolutionary way to enable organizations and people to thrive. 

Thier team is additionally comprised of a former engineer turned public engagement specialist working in the alternative dispute resolution industry; a nationally recognized expert on working with communities that are impacted by big infrastructure projects with a proven track record of successfully managing emergency deployments and other high pressure situations in a positive fashion; a leader from InterVarsity Campus Fellowship who specializes in working with young people; an executive coach; and a retired VP of Marketing for Warner Brothers. Together thier team brings more than 150 years of cumulative experience and expertise to thier projects.