One-for-one Business Model, Limitless Moisturizer and Quarterly Donation Days In Chicago with Courtney Bae

Adam Torres and Courtney Bae discuss mission based business and why she choose a one-for-one model.

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Show Notes:

  • Inspired by TOMS Shoes’
  • Limitless moisturizer
  • Quarterly donation days in Chicago

TOMS Shoes’ inspired many to pursue the one-for-one business model. Simply put, sell one of your products, give one of your products away. In this episode Adam Torres and Courtney Bae, Founder & Creative Director at duncan&robyn, discuss how she is giving back to the community with her Limitless Moisturizer and her participation in Quarterly donation days in Chicago.

About duncan&robyn

Our mission is to help empower women from all backgrounds by giving them the tools to build confidence and self-esteem while also cultivating healthy female relationships. The little corner of the Internet that is duncan&robyn acts as a safe space to help share stories of struggle and triumph while also showcasing how our fellow sisters make an impact in their own communities.

Continuing with our mission of female empowerment, duncan&robyn launched our skincare line in July, 2019! With every skincare product sold, the same gets donated to a women-focus non-profit organization that we will feature on our blog every month. We believe that in creating a socially responsible skincare line for women, by women, we can help empower our community by giving back an important tool that helps promote self-care and boosts a woman’s confidence. With this, each woman not only will have access to proper toiletries often overlooked in the standard donation process but will also learn the importance of taking time to love themselves in order to put their best foot forward.We are so excited that you are here to be apart of this wonderful journey! To submit suggestions for our community spotlight or to nominate a woman to be featured on our #wcw weekly blog, please email: [email protected]

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