Online Course “Bootstrapped” with Andrew Lee Miller

Adam Torres and Andrew Miller discuss the online course, Bootstrapped.

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Show Notes:

Bootstrapped is an online course and coaching program that teaches founders and junior marketers how to do their own PR, SEO, ASO and much more.In this episode,  Adam Torres and  Andrew Lee Miller, Startup Marketing Expert and Founder of AndrewStartups, explore Andrew’s online course, Bootstrapped. 

About AndrewStartups

Do you run a startup? Is your product (almost) ready and in need of an actionable growth plan, and someone to execute it? For the past 12 years, Andrew Miller has managed, assisted, trained, consulted and advised tech startups from Dubai to Silicon Valley in all things Growth and Marketing and seen countless examples of companies struggling to get it right. Hiring and HR can take months, founders testing paid campaigns themselves can waste thousands of dollars and putting off marketing until it’s too late can mean your competition passing you up. What’s the solution? Hire a marketing consultant who’s done it successfully over and over again and can produce results in days, not weeks. AndrewStartups is that. Your interim or launch marketing specialist who remotely can get you going in no time.

AndrewStartups is the culmination of all my experience (driving growth for dozens of launches and 3 big exits) in a tangible service. Now, specialize in helping companies launch and scale new projects with expert level Paid User Acquisition, Search Marketing, App Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Press Marketing, and anything else that needs to be done as efficiently and effectively as possible.

What’s the catch? Simple. He’s remote. Boom. Crazy concept right? He work harder than anyone, but he’s 100% online. You can usually catch me online 16 hours a day, everyday, but you’ll only catch him in your office a week or two a year. That’s never stopped him from achieving results, and it’s enabled him to work on a very diverse set of projects over the years. I’ve worked on every channel, in nearly every industry and at literally every budgetary constraint.

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