Organization Development, Team Building and Coaching with Rosemary A. Bova

Adam Torres and Rosemary A. Bova discuss Bova Enterprises, Inc. (BE)  

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Show Notes:

New book alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Rosemary A. Bova, President of Bova Enterprises, Inc. (BE), explore Bova Enterprises, Inc. (BE) and the new book Rosemary will be releasing with Mission Matters.   

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About Bova Enterprises

As a management consultant, business consultant and executive coach, she use a science-based approach to organizational development called Requisite Organization (RO).

By studying RO, she learned that the best way to revitalize an underperforming company is to improve its internal structure rather than highlighting the flaws of underperforming, even difficult employees. Fixing the heart of a problem puts every member in a position to succeed.

She believe the majority of organizational or productivity problems need to be attacked from within, beginning with analyzing roles, responsibilities and even compensation. Most often, I help organizations figure out what’s truly broken. Then – and only then – can they develop leaders who value continued lifelong learning and make sure they are in the “right” roles adding value to their company, people, and customers.

She hold a bachelor’s degree in labor economics, a master’s from Columbia University, and have worked with some of the biggest names in Fortune 100 business spanning financial services, CPG, and healthcare. As a life-long learner myself, she is always adding new information and skills to BE’s toolkit. she’s exceptionally passionate about innovating new pathways, delivering savings to my clients and developing women in their workforce. Since opening BE in 1991, she helped my clients save over $10 million through finding efficient and effective solutions to their business and leadership development needs. Even more important than producing savings is helping my clients make strides in their industry, increase revenue and profit margins, and inspire creativity and innovation. An engaged, curious workforce is the most valuable and important asset a company can have.

She look forward to helping you blend the art of leadership with the science of management so you can take your business to the next level.