Out of State Real Estate Investing with Logan D. Freeman

Adam Torres and Logan Freeman discuss out of state real estate investing.

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Show Notes:

Out of state real estate investing can be the solution for many investors living in markets where returns have become thin. Have you considered if out of state real estate investing makes sense for your situation? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Logan D. Freeman, Co-Founder and Principal of FTW Investments and Owner at LiveFree Investments and Host of the LiveFree Investors Podcast, explore what investors need to know about out of state real estate investing.

About Logan Freeman 

Logan Freeman is a commercial real estate investor, developer, and agent. He represents buyers and sellers of multifamily and commercial properties. He sources cash flowing properties for investors through creativity, networking, and work-ethic which has developed into a proven strategy to win. He specialize in off-market and investment properties.

About FTW Investments

We help investors build generational wealth and passive income to leave a legacy. Our process involves the acquisition, operation, and eventual disposition, of large-scale real estate, as a vehicle to provide investors with a safe alternative to traditional stock and bond markets. Our primary focus is the protection and preservation of our investors’ wealth; then outsized growth.

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