Overcoming Adversity and Living on Purpose with John Ramstead

Adam Torres and John Ramstead discuss overcoming adversity.

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Show Notes:

Overcoming adversity and living on purpose are important parts of life for many. In this episode,  Adam Torres and John Ramstead, CPLC, ACC, CEO of Beyond Influence and Host at Eternal Leadership Podcast, explore the importance of living a life of purpose.

About John Ramstead

A leader fosters an environment of mutual cooperation, cohesive behavior, and a sense of positivity. There is a critical distinction between a leader and a boss. A leader motivates and inspires others to aim high and attain goals, and a boss merely supervises his subordinates.

As a leader, do you often feel…

• Pulled in too many directions to be truly effective?

• Depleted by the burdens of leadership?

• Rarely happy, though others would love to be in your shoes?

• Unclear about how to best change your circumstances?

• Lonely, even though you’re frequently with others?

• Unsure of how to integrate your faith into the complex issues of business?

He empowers leaders and their teams to reawaken the vitality, clarity, and joy that has eroded on their way to success because there is little success where there is little joy and laughter. He’s coaching offers the following benefits to reclaim success.

• Experience the fulfillment that comes from living out your purpose

• Take back time in your day for family and fun

• Focus your energy in your areas of strength

• Create harmony between the various personality styles on your team

• Nurture the relationships that matter most to you 

About Beyond Infulence

John works with the top 5% of leaders that enjoy a challenge, achieving big goals and want to create a leadership legacy. A near a fatal accident changed the trajectory of his life and he is using this second chance to help leaders live beyond influence. John’s career as Navy fighter pilot, entrepreneur, and Fortune 500 leader has equipped him to serve others towards extraordinary lives, businesses and relationships so they can live beyond influence.

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