Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Todd Palmer

Adam Torres and Todd Palmer discuss impostor syndrome and how to overcome it.

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Show Notes:

Do you or a colleague suffer from imposter syndrome? Do you even know what imposter syndrome is? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Todd Palmer, Founder, President & CEO of Extraordinaryadvisors.com, explore how successful business owners and executives can overcome, avoid and learn from imposter syndrome.

About Todd Palmer

Todd Palmer is a renowned thought leader, CEO of a 6 time INC 5,000 company, business coach, keynote speaker & author, who is committed to improving lives.

In his coaching and advisory role at Extraordinary Advisors, he engages with CEO’s, entrepreneurs
and C-level leaders to help them align their business goals & dreams with their personal mission statement. He coaches leaders though the fears and self-doubt they encounter, resulting in growth of revenue, margins and people. Additionally, he helps them strategically set up plans for execution, walking every step of their journey right along side of them.

As President of Diversified Industrial Staffing, Todd has helped over 6,000 people secure employment, bettering their lives. In his current, semi-retired role, with he works with both individuals and companies to support career growth, foster business start-ups and guide leaders in the areas of talent management, workforce planning and organizational development.

In his book, The Job Search Process, Palmer provides a practical, targeted guide to landing a new job in only 30 days. His book was nominated for both the Axiom Book Award and the Ben Franklin Business Book Award for 2016.

Over the past two decades, Todd’s passion, drive and unique, candidate-centric recruiting process have led to multiple awards and accomplishments:

• INC 5,000 one of the fastest growing companies in America (six times)
• Michigan 50 Company to Watch
• CORP! Magazine as one of Michigan’s Economic Bright Spots
• Served as National Chairman for Industrial Staffing firms, on behalf of the American Staffing Association (ASA)
• Former President of EO Detroit ( CEO organization representing executives with combined revenues in excess of $100 Million dollars)
• Industry columnist and blogger for dBusiness Magazine and Production Machining Magazine

His company, Diversified Industrial staffing, has been featured in:
o INC Magazine
o Detroit News
o CORP! Magazine
o Crains Detroit

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