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On this episode of Mentors By Design, Victor is joined by Brooke Sousa, the World’s Strongest Woman and real estate investor. Brooke shares her incredible story of how she went from being an overweight child to competing in the World’s Strongest Woman competition and achieving her goals in real estate. She also talks about how she overcame self-doubt and how important it is to have a “why” in order to reach your goals. 

Victor and Brooke dive into the challenges and obstacles Brooke faced throughout her journey, from being bullied for her weight to being doubted by her peers. Brooke shares her advice on how to stay motivated and how to stay focused on your goals, and why it’s so important to have a “why” behind your goals. They also discuss the importance of self-awareness, and knowing who you are and what you want in life. 

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Story Notes:

  • Challenges can be seen as opportunities 
  • Find your why 
  • Take ownership of your life 
  • Find mentors who can help you reach your goals

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