Owner Occupied Bridge Loans with Ed Brown

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Today’s Real TidBit Topic is non-QM, non-Qualified Mortgages, referring to all the privately funded mortgages that do not qualify for Fannie, Freddie, and Ginne Mae purchase or insurance. Bill interviews Edward Brown with Pacific Private Money, a California-based non-QM lender that offers owner-occupied bridge loans in several states around the United States.

Edward Brown, Investor Relations at Pacific Private Money, an alternative real estate finance provider specializing in short-term real estate loans for California borrowers since 2008. Pacific Private Money raises private capital using discretionary debt fund structures that generate above-market returns through a well-refined and successful holistic lending model.
For over 20 years, Edward Brown was CEO of a $40 million dollar alternative lending company based in Marin County. Today he assists Pacific Private Money with capital raising and investor presentations. In addition, Edward is also the host of two radio shows —The Best of Investing with Mark Hanf and Sports Econ 101, a national sports and business show.

His passion for being an educator within the financial and investing space has led to numerous articles in national business magazines and newspapers and many appearances on CNN on Your Money and Ask the Expert. His expertise has also led him into the courtroom, where he’s been hired as an expert witness in numerous court cases.

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