Park Your Money in Parking Assets to Produce Passive Income with Sam Wilson

Adam Torres and Sam Wilson discuss investing in parking real estate assets as an alternative investment.

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Show Notes:

  • Investing in parking lots
  • Investing in parking garages
  • Passive income
  • Value add opportunities
  • Risk vs. Reward

Have you ever considered investing in parking real estate assets? While your traditional multifamily housing gets most of the press, parking assets may be a good low risk alternative for diversifying your portfolio. In this episode Adam Torres and Sam Wilson, Founder & CEO at Parking Your Investments, evaluate investing in parking assets as a way to generate passive income.

About Sam Wilson

I am passionate about Real Estate. I focus on acquiring and syndicating niche commercial assets that cash flow with super stable returns. I love helping others place money outside of traditional investments that both diversify strategy and provide solid predictable returns.

About Parking Your Investments

We invest in parking garages and parking lots nationwide. The stability of our asset class makes a great return for our investors with minimal downside risk.

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