Payment Facilitation with Adi Ekshtain

Adam Torres and Adi Ekshtain discuss payment facilitation.

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Show Notes:

The payment industry is constantly evolving as new technologies and processes are introduced. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Adi Ekshtain, Co Founder of Amaryllis, explore payment facilitation and what businesses need to know.

About Adi Ekshtain

Adi Ekshtain is a Payments Expert. He helps busy business owners with big dreams to build new REVENUE streams WITHOUT taking unnecessary risks. He specialize in proven payment facilitation frameworks, with sustainable, long-term strategies to build profitable businesses that actually create an impact. Years ago, fresh out of college, he was fortunate enough to be part of a small team that invented mobile face-to-face payments, which was the precursor to what you know today as ApplePay.

A couple of years later, Microsoft rolled out their new .Net technology, and was eager to prove the world that mission-critical systems can be built using Microsoft technology. So with the help of Microsoft Technology Center (MTC), he designed the first-ever Payment Gateway that was built using MS .Net (which was still in beta at the time), a project for which he won an award from Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO. Ever since then, he was designing highly secure and highly scalable mission-critical payment systems of all kinds. And through implementing these payment systems, he noticed a pattern: Companies in all markets and verticals were REINVENTING the Payments wheel.

Everyone builds the same thing over and over. That’s why he co-founded Amaryllis Payment solutions, a provider of a technology stack that solves complex payment needs so that SaaS companies don’t need to reinvent the wheel. He is also a member of the Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) Payment Facilitator Committee & the Mobile Payments Committee, and frequently speaks at industry events. If you are a business owner (or aspiring owner) and would like to scale from 6 to 7 figures or from 7 figures to 8 figures, you might be the right fit for Payment Facilitation.

About Amaryllis

With a vision to optimize the complex world of payments between buyers and sellers, Amaryllis has developed a payment engine to support platform models. Built from the ground up, their customized and modular solution solves the unique business needs of each acquirer or 3rd party payment model. Providing critical functionality such as: instant boarding, split payments, payout management, reconciliation, and more. With an API driven solution and strategic partner focused model, clients can go live in a matter of weeks with little to no CAPEX costs. Their solution provides clients the ability to compete directly with other complex payment ‘disruptors’ by servicing the same high growth platform models.

Aside from their ‘from the ground up’ technology approach, they are also uniquely positioned to provide consultative advice on complex payment models. By leveraging the Amaryllis founding team’s 60+ years of combined payment processing and Big 4 consulting experience, they are able to share “what good looks like” as well as make joint decisions with their clients as if they were on their side of the table. They would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about them. Please do not hesitate to reach out to their team to learn more.