PEERS edu App Released with Andres Abeyta

Adam Torres and Andres Abeyta discuss PEERS edu.

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Show Notes:

New App Alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Andres Abeyta, Founder and CEO at PEERS edu, explore the new PEERS edu App and how it aims to change the way learning is delivered. 

About Andres Abeyta

Andres Abeyta helps people realize that ‘knowledge is the new currency’ by making their know-how accessible on online platforms. Being a CEO for 20 years in the e-Learning and training space, he has found a passion in challenging existing education paradigms and has been a devoted architect of distributed Peer-2-Peer platforms.

Why should education be framed primarily in terms of classrooms, semesters, and tests?He had the fortune of travelling the world to both learn and deliver ideas in the EdTech space.
His ideas have been elevated by COVID-19, as the defacto education system has been fractured and will never be the same.
Let’s create shorter paths to help people learn, think, and contribute positively to society.

About PEERS edu

What if you could choose anyone in the world to learn from… Right now!  To spread this vision, we developed a mobile app that connects any member to the tutor of their choice at a price they can afford in an Uber-like educational transaction. Members may be  high school students, college students, or alumni.  In our new Peer-2-Peer open education model, everyone can Earn and Learn.

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