Performance Marketing for Businesses with John Kadlic

Adam Torres and John Kadlic explore performance marketing.

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Show Notes:

Performance marketing is helping many businesses thrive. In this episode,  Adam Torres and John Kadlic, Owner and CEO at Parallel Path Digital Marketing Agency, explore how Parallel Path Digital Marketing is using performance marketing practices to help their clients succeed.

About John Kadlic

He is in the midst of his so-called second act. After a long run in large privately and publicly-held marketing agencies and consultancies, he took a new path where his passions for an active, outdoor-inspired lifestyle and a deep desire to run his own marketing agency came together. In late 2018, he took the helm of Parallel Path, a Boulder-based digital marketing agency, where he was able to go back to his independent agency roots, work with an incredible team and help brands in the health, wellness and lifestyle industries grow and prosper.

Over his career, he had the pleasure of working with many noteworthy brands like P&G, Nestle, Nike, Coca-Cola, Victoria’s Secret and more, but it wasn’t enough. His calling now is more about working with ambitious brands that have significant growth aspirations, but may not have all of the tools and expertise to truly succeed. In this new chapter, he’s applying what he experienced with larger brands to make it easy for aspiring brands to reach their goals beyond what they could ever achieve through more traditional marketing approaches.

He also wanted to pivot to a more performance-minded agency where driving tangible results day-in and day-out really matters. Marketers have to produce and so do their agencies. Parallel Path’s origin is in search marketing and, as such, has always embraced the numbers side of a business challenge. While they do way more than search marketing today, it’s great to be at an agency that was “born to perform” and feels a responsibility to generate a positive return on its efforts. He’s invigorated by this new opportunity and equally enjoying his new surroundings in Colorado. There’s nothing better than watching the sun rise over Boulder from the top of Mount Sanitas to start your day.

About Parallel Path Digital Marketing Agency

They’ve been crafting and deploying highly-effective marketing solutions for their clients since 2006. Their passion and reason for being is – and always has been – to help their clients achieve unprecedented growth and impact through the power of digital marketing. But, like the great mountaineer, Ed Viesturs wrote, “The summit is just a halfway point.” They’re also committed to forging strong and lasting relationships – between the agency and their clients, their clients and their customers, and within their company. They’ve helped clients such as Children’s Hospital Colorado, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, CVS, Destination Maternity, Backpacker’s Pantry, and Chef Soraya achieve unprecedented growth leveraging our best-in-class products and services.