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Hosts Vince and Jenna talk with Sam Tippmann, President and CEO of Tippmann Innovation. Sam provides the expertise of all facets of the company from initial customer contact to planning, design and implementation of refrigerated facilities, with over 3,000,000 square feet of refrigerated facility construction experience. Sam has been involved in the refrigeration and food industry his entire life. His first job was sweeping the floor in his father’s refrigeration equipment facility. Sam and the Tippmann family have been associated with the food-processing and refrigeration industry for more than 100 years.

Ti Cold invests in the best people to deliver technology that changes the way the World builds and operates refrigerated facilities. Ti Cold buildings and equipment provide solutions that create a competitive edge for our customers.

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Story Notes:

  • Who is Sam Tippmann
  • Transitioning to Tippmann Innovation
  • Growing up in a Family Business
  • The History of Tippmann Innovation
  • Cool Moments in the Industry
  • Winning the Best Build Award in CEBA

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