Persona-lization – Brett Frazer

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This episode highlights the CX Leader from Microsoft, Adobe, and Sun Basket, Brett Frazer. 

A simple statement, really, and a logical one considering your marketing and sales organizations (be they direct, channel or partners) have just promised them the best, be its simplicity, efficiency, productivity, creativity, security, privacy, connectivity, etc.

Think of it, out of all the solutions; they chose yours; free or premium, perpetual or subscription, economy or luxury, stand-alone or suite, they chose yours… this time.

What is it that is going to influence them to keep choosing your solutions in the future? 

A lot has to do with their experience the first time they have a question, a problem, or a request, and they reach out to your company for help.

This is when they deserve the best, not the fanciest, not the most delightful, but the best of the basics: Access, Understanding, Empathy, Commitment, Timeliness, and Follow through.

While they are the face your customers most often interact with at this stage, delivering against these basics with passionate consistency is not just a Customer Service or Support investment, it is an entire company investment. 

When executed across the entire company, the returns on that investment are measurable across higher retention rates and lower new customer acquisition costs through lower operational expenses.

I have spent the past 20 years helping multi-national organizations and start-ups deliver against this customer promise of the best basics. Regardless of role, position, or organization, the focus and passion of my work have been to create experiences that not only keep customers coming back but that lead them to recommend others to join them.

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