Personal Branding on LinkedIn with Raquel Borras

Adam Torres and Raquel Borras discuss branding on LinkedIn.

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Show Notes:

LinkedIn is the premier business focused social platform. Many want to get more involved but don’t know how. In this episode, Adam Torres and Raquel Borras, Chief Excitement Officer & Founder at True To You Branding, explore strategies that every professional using LinkedIn should know.

About Raquel Borras 

Raquel is the Chief Excitement Officer of True To You Branding. Her passion is to help you bring to life a personal brand that is “true to you”! Raquel’s expertise in social media and branding started with LinkedIn, where she studied other social media moguls and influencers. Because of her love for people and talent for audience engagement, her social media presence continues to increase very quickly. Raquel believes that bringing valuable content, authenticity and vulnerability to your social media is the key to gaining a strong following and presence. 

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