Personalized Performance Coaching with Genevieve Harris-Eckel

Adam Torres and discuss personalized performance coaching.

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Show Notes:

Getting to the next level is on the minds of many top performing executives from large companies and startups alike. But how does one achieve this goal? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Genevieve Harris-Eckel, Performance Coach and Business Development Consultant, explore how Genevieve’s performance coaching is helping executives reach new heights of achievement.

About Genevieve Harris-Eckel

Organizational Developmental Consultant & MFT (in progress). Expertise in health care, health and wellness, psychology, working directly with people and children struggling with barriers and emotional challenges. Has progressive experience in client turnaround strategies, client outreach, human resources (HR), employee development, and regulatory compliance. Analytical and empathetic professional with a proven track record of utilizing data-driven techniques to analyze operational processes and develop solutions that bolster client life decisions in business, their career, and in life.

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