Peter Voss Talks about Using AGI to Build Chatbots with Brains

Peter Voss, Founder, CEO & Chief Scientist at Aigo.ai, was interviewed on Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

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Aigo founder Peter Voss began his career as an electronics engineer, leading him to eventually build a brand that delivers hyper-personalized conversational experiences between companies, employees and customers.

“I started my company providing electronics for industrial applications, and then I fell in love with software,” Voss says. “The company turned from an engineering firm to an ERP software comprehensive system. We went from the garage to 400 people and an IPO. That was super exciting,” he recalls. 

“When I exited the company, I decided to embark on a mission, to see how we can make software intelligent: how can we give it common sense? I spent five years studying intelligence to understand it deeply,” he says. “Then, I developed an intelligence model and built an AI that can think, reason, and learn. And that’s what has been consuming me for the last 20 years.”

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The difference between AI and AGI 

In 2001, Voss coined the term “AGI,” short for “artificial general intelligence,” to create an “intelligent system that can think, reason and learn like a human after several years of studying epistemology, cognitive psychology, AI, hardware and software development,” as the Aigo website explains it.

“I think AI is quite interesting,” Voss says. “The idea of building a thinking machine transformed into a problem-solving device. However, there’s something much deeper going on here. After studying intelligence, one of the realizations was that we want to get back to our original ambition. I got together with some other people who were sort of thinking along the same lines.” 

“We wrote a book on the topic, and we coined the term AGI—Artificial General Intelligence,” he says. “AGI is where the intelligence resides in the program. Of course, we use our (human) intelligence to build that machine that can have (its own) intelligence, but the whole idea is that you end up with a machine that by itself can learn to play chess and checkers, and, you know, solve medical problems and do all sorts of things like that over time. So this is a full circle, going back to the original dream.”

What is Aigo.ai?

Aigo.ai is a chatbot with a brain, Voss explains. It uses the full context of what has already been said to incorporate what the conversation is about, what the person already knows, and other bits of memory. “It can do a certain amount of reasoning about things and has common sense, you know, a certain degree of common sense, not a human level, yet close,” Voss says. 

For businesses wishing to communicate more effectively with employees and/or customers, Aigo.ai drives its chats with a cognitive engine, offering a superior experience to the usual process of engaging with a typical chatbot.

To learn more about Peter Voss and Aigo, visit https://www.aigo.ai/