Pharmacogenomic Testing with Cathy Cather

Adam Torres and Cathy Cather discuss pharmacogentics integration.

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Show Notes:

Integrating Pharmacogenetics into major next generation pharmacy benefit management (PBMs) can lead to better care for many. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Cathy Cather, CEO Parallel Profile, explore Parallel Profile and their plans for the future.

About Cathy Cather

Cathy co founded Parallel Testing and launched Parallel Profile™ to reduce the number of deaths (128,000/year) and inpatient admissions (2.7 million/year) from adverse drug reactions to properly taken FDA approved medications. Parallel Profile is available to large employers interested in improving the quality of care, and eliminating avoidable spending for hospital care and unproductive pharmacy (90% of drugs don’t work for 30-50% of people).

She has a proven track record in developing and accelerating the growth of innovative health care companies that have a financial imperative to make health care more affordable, higher quality and accessible. As a consultant and entrepreneur she has contributed to the success of:

• Parallel Testing (CEO)
• HealthEquity (SVP Marketing and Sales)
• Accolade (SVP Sales)
• HealthAllies, a UnitedHealth Group company (SVP Marketing and Sales)
• ConsumerMedical (branding, marketing strategy and materials)
• Quantum Health (Market research, branding and marketing execution, sales strategy)
• 2ndMD (Consultant strategy support)
• AristaMD (Market research, sales strategy and marketing materials for employer channel)
• Spendwell (ROI model development)
• Imagine Health (Strategy Sales Support)
• TrendSight (Product development and market strategy)
• PinnacleCare (Employer product development and Sales strategy)
• Grand Bahama Port Authority (Strategy, research and development of medical tourism/designing hospital of the future)
• DeVry University (Employee wellness program development)
• Employer Direct Health Care/Surgery+ (Product marketing and development, sales strategy)
• One Medical (Contracting strategy and execution)
• Qliance (Sales strategy)
• Wellphoria (New product development)
• Salugenecists (Program development and sales strategy)
• Cora Rehabilitation Services (New product development and sales strategy)
• Teladoc (Product development)
• MD Live (Engagement strategy) 

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