Phillip Naples and His Journey of Transforming the Traditional Insurance Industry

Phillip Naples, CEO & Founder of Layr, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Innovation Podcast by Adam Torres.

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In this insightful interview, Mr. Phillip Naples, CEO & Founder at Layr, takes us through his journey of bringing significant change in the traditional insurance industry. Through developing technologically advanced solutions designed to smooth out extensive work processes, and embracing a perfect blend of human interaction and artificial intelligence, Layr serves multiple brands with apt insurance policy recommendations.

Being in the insurance industry for close to two decades, Phillip holds firm experience in customer service and has a deep understanding of the insurance market’s gnarly nature. He incorporated Layr to provide transparency in internal processes and to facilitate efficient solutions to augment manual busywork. 

Reaching a broad spectrum of the target market, including sole proprietors and corporations, Layr serves viable solutions to the underserved small-to-mid-sized business segment, creating tailored proposals. Along with his team of passionate people, Phillip makes sure to provide affordable programs and guide users through the entire insurance journey. This has resulted in high credibility, accurate pricing prediction, and a growing collection of happy clients. 

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Disrupting the Industry

Phillip never let his non-technical background get in the way of his vision to create digital products for the insurance market. The two most integral aspects of technology implemented by Layr are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The interactive feature developed by Layr uses NLP to interpret customer requests from the Certificate of Insurance (COI) Special Wording Requests section and goes on to create each policyholder’s updated COI with extended download capability. This makes the insurance product mostly automated, reducing the need for human interaction at every step. 

AI technology has also played a vital role in setting up an augmented on boarding process for brands seeking insurance policies for their companies. The Policy Document Reviewer makes coming on board with Layr a seamless experience that saves a significant amount of time by skipping the hours of manual data entry that usually accompanies insurance paperwork.

Brands and Brokers

Layr employs parallel processes to partner with established brands and small broker agencies. With a streamlined onboarding process through a dedicated service portal, Layr also surfaces live chat features where the licensed Customer Success team can help guide users when needed.. 

Broker partners can use this platform to service their small business book in a zero-touch, white-labeled environment.

Forward-Thinking Advice

Phillip is a firm believer in countering moments of doubt with leaps of faith. He shares how important it is to move forward with a monumental vision and continue to progress until you find a valid reason to stop. “You have to take that first step!” he says.

What’s Next?

Layr plans to expand its back-end customer service to multiple languages for reaching a wider audience. Phillip also shares their vision of deploying Layr’s digital products to small-scale businesses and helping others in the industry bloom.


Layr enables companies to get the liability insurance protection they need and pay for it monthly with a credit card, entirely online. The natural evolution of small business insurance, Layr’s AI-powered online platform automates the intelligence of the broker while predicting carrier pricing and appetite, enabling business owners to purchase insurance tailored to their company in minutes while performing the most common insurance-related tasks from a simple self-service portal. To learn more, visit Layr and get started now!