Planetarie Creates Method for Extracting from Hemp Plants Using Water

Adam Torres and Stacy Cason discuss Planetarie. 

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Show Notes:  

Planetarie is a wellness brand that is dedicated to innovation. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Stacy Cason, CEO and Founder of Planetarie, explore the Planetarie story and how it continues to innovate with methods like using water to extract from hemp plants.

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About Stacy Cason

CEO + founder of innovative water-extracted hemp company in Colorado, specializing in a healthier alternative to alcohol-derived cannabinoids. Ask her about acidic precursors and their superior bioavailability! #CBDA

Results-driven real estate developer who excels in multi-tasking without being overwhelmed, very fast and eager learner. Graduate of Executive MBA from Daniels College of Business and alumni of real estate management at Harvard University. Detail-oriented, organized, hard-working leader who has shifted focus from technical healthcare to management in business. Determination and perseverance is demonstrated in professional as well as personal life, as shown by finishing strong in Ironman triathlon as well as bodybuilding competition.

About Planetarie

There are over 3000 CBD companies but only one water-extracted CBDa company. Discover one pain management professional’s quest to innovate plant based wellness as a safer alternative to pharma.