Planning for Success with Matt Cuplin

Adam Torres and discuss Christy’s new book.

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Show Notes: 

New book alert! In this episode, Adam Torres interviewed  Matt Cuplin, President & CEO of Midwest Financial Group. Explore Matt’s new book, Mission Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips To Success (Business Leaders Vol. 7, Edition 5).

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About Midwest Financial Group 

Midwest Financial Group will help you understand the opportunities and potential benefits that are available when you take a proactive approach to your personal financial situation. Midwest Financial Group is a growing independent financial planning and employee benefits firm. They are focused on managing the complexity of your financial life. Midwest Financial Group also helps provide greater peace of mind through our risk management solutions. Too often a death, disability or the need for extended, specialized long-term care leads to financial hardship. Properly insuring against an unexpected tragic event can be the foundation of a solid financial plan.