Planning Intentionally and Living Generously with Zac Larson

Adam Torres and Zac Larson discuss planning intentionally.  

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Show Notes:

Financial planning is important for many to achieve their goals both personally and professionally. But how many of us have given serious thought to living generously in our plans and what this can do for our overall quality of life? In this episode, Adam Torres and Zac Larson, Founding Partners and Wealth Advisor at IntentGen Financial Partners, explore why planning intentionally and living generously is an important component of living a rich life.

About IntentGen Financial Partners

These two simple phrases have guided CEOs and Wealth Advisors Zac Larson and Corey Schmidt for nearly 40 combined years, both with their clients and in their personal lives. It has been the cornerstone of their practice and now it’s the inspiration for their new name – IntentGen Financial Partners.

By empowering people to make wise financial decisions, IntentGen Financial Partners helps clients plan intentionally and live generously in order to maximize the impact on their families and their communities.

Our Mission:
Empower people to make intentional financial decisions to live with greater purpose.

Our Vision:
To be servant leaders by putting our values into play each day. We envision a world where people feel unrivaled confidence and positivity about their financial decisions as they make an intentional difference – for their family, future generations, the community, and those less fortunate.

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