PocketChange is Social Media That Makes Things Better with Reyn Aubrey

 Adam Torres and Reyn Aubrey discuss PocketChange.

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Show Notes:

PocketChange is a social media platform where every like, post and reply sends free money to charity at no cost to the user. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Reyn Aubrey, CEO at PocketChange, explore the PocketChange user experience and plans for the future.

About Reyn Aubre 

Reyn Aubrey is the CEO of PocketChange, Social Media That Makes Things Better. “Society is more divided, more hateful, and more fed up and frustrated than ever before. Social Media 1.0 accelerated this mess, and social media 2.0 can get us out of it. Reyn runs the product team, working with talented individuals to create products that will empower people. They have built everything from a mobile app that allows action from every app on your phone, an embeddable button for brands, influencers and charities to integrate with PocketChange, a chrome extension and an Alexa skill. PocketChange has built the first ever place for individuals to host their cause identity – to share who they truly are based on what they care about.

Reyn also loves to show the world the products they build, coordinating large scale launch campaigns, working with influencers & press, building and designing ad strategies, and conducting it all into cohesive and focused plans. Before PocketChange, Reyn built a few small ventures including a consumer products company that sold the popular two wheel self balancing ‘hoverboards’. This venture ended up outselling Walmart & Target in his home state of Hawaii. Reyn was named one of the Top 25 innovators under 25 in Colorado, and you can read more about him and the amazing PocketChange team at www.PocketChange.social/about

About PocketChange

Social media 1.0 has created a society that is massively divided, hateful, and broken. There is a vacuum, pulling upward a new social platform with a new mission, to fill the void created by its predecessors. PocketChange is social media that makes things better. PocketChange’s first draw is that it’s a social media where free money goes to charity every time you post, like, or reply at no cost to you. It has an entirely reworked content moderation system, features that consider societal impact as well as massive virality, and it’s less toxic, more meaningful and real.  PocketChange is the platform everyone is desperately searching for.

PocketChange is a social media app where every like, post, & reply sends free money to charity at no cost to you. Talk about everything from music to sports, memes to fashion, racism to climate change. Post pictures and videos, follow your friends, and showcase who you really are. The more time you spend on PocketChange, the better the world gets – it’s social media without the guilt trip.

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