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FOOT TRODDEN — The image and title of this new book was so intriguing that I contacted Ryan Opaz, the author immediately. I was dying to talk with him. Portugal has been a love of mine for a very long time. I visited myself in the mid-80’s, then my parents relocated and lived there for 15 years and that meant I could take travelers there too. “Paint Portugal” trips were frequent. My brother, David (on an earlier show) is a winemaker too, and so it seemed Ryan and I would have plenty to discuss. FOOT TRODDEN, is a joint venture between two good friends, Simon Woolf a NYTimes best selling author and Ryan Opaz, CEO CataVino travel company, and will be on the shelves in September. Ryan is here with me today to get a sneak preview.

Show Notes:

  • Ryan Opaz describes Foot Trodden as a first-of-its-kind book that takes a close look at the Portuguese wine making with compelling and personal stories. The book highlights Portugal’s diverse natural beauty, its dynamic history, and its rich compassionate culture.
  • Portugal has 20 or so distinct regions. Here Ryan describes the some of the country’s stunning landscapes and how they differ one from the other.
  • Foot Trodden highlights favorite places and why they standout as “must-see” destinations with stories and history to bring it alive.
  • “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” — The cover of Foot Trodden tells a story and invites the reader to consider the ancient method of crushing grapes, with feet that is still used today in much of the country.
  • Ryan talks to us next about food and wine pairings and the wine dinners.
  • The Foot Trodden project with Kickstarter–and how it has worked and will continue to work for this project.
  • Projections for the release—in time for the holidays.


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