Power Talk and Power Questions with Archanna Gaarg

Adam Torres and Archanna Gaarg discuss Archanna’s platforms.

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Show Notes:

Power Talk with Archanna helps professionals network with top notch people in the industry and learn from their experiences. Power Questions with Archanna helps individuals with solutions in their professional gaps . In this episode,  Adam Torres and Archanna Gaarg, Founder and CEO at POWER TALK with Archanna, explore how her platforms are helping people succeed.

About Archanna Gaarg 

Archanna Gaarg is enjoying every bit of her work from being at the office ,meeting people ,training teams to talking to screen and still doing the same. Welcome to the new normal and to the new her. Archanna Gaarg’s earnings all these years other than the perks, have been her association with her management and associates from my past companies. She decided to move on from one organisation to the other completely at her will, to grab a better opportunity in a few cases to move into a different state ,country all together.

She loved undergoing training on how ball bearings are manufactured in the outskirts of Jaipur Rajasthan India. Moved to working for an export house as a merchandiser starting with jewellery and going on to handle leather products for buyers like Tommy Hilfiger and Fossil ,Monsoon Accessorize as an associate merchandiser under the amazing mentor-ship of Mr Robin.

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