Precious Metals and Investing During the Current Economic Climate with Collin Plume

Adam Torres and Collin Plume discuss investing in precious metals.

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Show Notes:

Investing in precious metals is the preferred choice for many looking to diversify their portfolios. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Collin Plume, CEO and Founder at Noble Gold Investments and Noble Bitcoin, explore the current state of precious metals investing.

About Collin Plume

He created and maintained wealth for more than a 16 years in property insurance, commercial real estate and precious metals investments. When he was providing liability coverage and protection for homeowners and business owners, he realized the value of being prepared for any potential risk. As his career shifted into commercial real estate he helped investors guard their wealth during the Great Recession, aligning clients’ interests in retail shopping centers from California to the American heartland. And as he finally settled in on his true passion for precious metals investments he realized the key to financial freedom is having diversification with tangible investments. His wide range of experience helped him become one of the top precious metals brokers in the country. 

About Noble Gold

Focused on educating investors on investing in precious metals in a self directed IRA. Forging relationships with advisers and communicating the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction. Continuing to implement cutting edge technology that gives our clients access to easy to use forms and cutting edge news and charts.

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