Premium Live Streamed Experiences Connect Brands and Consumers with John Petrocelli

Adam Torres and John Petrocelli discuss how premium live streaming is evolving in the marketplace.

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Show Notes:

Experiential marketing is no longer a fad. As large brands continue to shift ad dollars into creating new ways to connect during live events such as music festivals, live streaming is becoming a staple in the marketplace. In this episode, Adam Torres and John Petrocelli CEO & Founder at Bulldog DM, explore the past, present and future of streaming content.

About Bulldog DM

Bulldog DM is the world’s most experienced live streaming company for premium content.  We provide complete turnkey enablement of premium live streamed experiences extended to all connected devices based on our industry leading experience, expertise and market defining best practices.  We help brands, agencies, content owners and platforms deliver impactful live engagements with an emphasis on live music to achieve reach, engagement and metrics. Our goal is to connect today’s digitally engaged consumer and millennial to the world’s top live content and digital video.

Our team has facilitated and developed the most watch and most innovative live experiences of all time and today we are the trusted enabler of brands, agencies, content owners, music festivals and artists to create strategies that deliver a true and authentic connection to today’s digitally savvy content consumer and millennials.

Our work and client roster includes Netflix, Samsung, Coca-Cola, American Express, Snickers Live Superbowl commercial, Facebook Live, AT&T, Nestle, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Universal Music Group, Nissan, Hilton, Delta,  Taco Bell, Nike, HP, Tiffany and Sony.

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