Preparing for a Fantastic “4th Quarter” in Life (60’s and 70’s)

Adam Torres and Scott Couchenour discuss the “4th Quarter” in life.

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Show Notes:  

Scott and his team are on a mission to help those who are “leaving too much life on the table in their final decades.” In this episode,  Adam Torres interviews Scott Couchenour, Life and Business Coach of Serving Strong Enterprises, explores how the 60’s and 70’s in a person’s life can be very productive and meaningful years.

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About Scott Couchenour

Scott is a “fourth quarter” life and business coach. He helps business owners in their 40’s and 50’s who are successful yet dissatisfied with the uncertainty of where their life and business are headed. He concentrates on helping owners of small to midsize companies create clarity and design a comprehensive life and business plan.

He helps not only with strategy but secure solid traction through an iterative approach. His clients are reaching new heights and accomplishing much more than they ever thought possible.