Principles Behind Hippotherapy and Surf Therapy with Jillian Stewart

Adam Torres and Jillian Stewart discuss hippotherapy and surf therapy

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Show Notes:

Hippotherapy and surf therapy provide benefits that many are unaware of. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jillian Stewart, Founder and Executive Director at Surf and Turf Therapy, explore why hippotherapy and surf therapy work and how Jillian is using them in her practice. 

About Jillian Stewart 

With 25 years of horsemanship experience, a decade of surf experience, and over 5 years as a physical therapist, Jillian Stewart is  passionate about enhancing the relevance and reputation of the use of alternative therapeutic tools. As a pediatric physical therapist Jillian Stewart  saw a need for community integration and inclusion, as well as opportunities for individuals with disabilities to experience a wider range of activities, which led her to start Surf and Turf Therapy in 2018. Currently, Surf and Turf focuses on surfing and horseback riding, but our goal is to one day provide opportunities for a wide range of adaptive activities, from bowling to rock climbing, as a way to safely experience the activity, while targeting functional goals with qualified medical professions. 

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