Principles of Winning with Desmond Clark

Adam Torres and Desmond Clark discuss winning.

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Show Notes:

What does it take to win? There are principles of winning that can help anyone on their journey. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Desmond Clark, Co-Owner and VP at The Insurance People and Author and Keynote Speaker at Dez Clark Speaks, explore what it takes to win in business and in life.

About Desmond Clark

It may come as a surprise to you that he was not predisposed to be successful in either football (where he had a 12 year career in the NFL) or in business (where he has become an insurance executive, corporate speaker, and accountability coach). It is, he thinks, specifically because he was not naturally inclined toward either that he’s been able to add value to corporations on the speaking circuit, and to businesses– and individual clients– who choose him as their insurance representative. He is always grateful for every opportunity; and he will always do his best to add the most value, to every client, every time.

The habits of success in business are the same habits of success in sports:
Goals need to be underpinned by plans; Plans need to be underpinned by execution; And execution needs to be underpinned by a thoughtful, attentive, mindset. It’s more complicated than that, as you know. But, also, he found: it isn’t.

His mission, at this point in his life, is to share what he learned (while continuing to learn), grow meaningful relationships, and add value to everyone he meets. If he can add any value to you at all: as a speaker, coach, or if you’d like to review your home, auto, and/or commercial insurance needs, please reach out to him directly at 863.581.5161 or [email protected]

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