Process Innovation and Automation with Marni Carmichael

Adam Torres and Marni Carmimichael discuss process innovation and automation.

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Show Notes:

Marni has spent her career helping enterprises with process innovation and automation. In this episode,  Adam Torres interviewed Marni Carmichael, VP of Marketing at ImageSource Inc. Explore the upcoming book Marni will be releasing with Mission Matters.

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About Marni Carmimichael

Mari empowers high growth in tech companies by unifying sales and marketing with measurable impact and ROI. By leveraging my experience in process automation to connect with customers, she creates a vision of how ImageSource helps make work easier.


● Unified and simplified all corporate/product messaging, resulting in >15% content conversion.

● 1000% organic growth in corporate social media following in 1 year. 

● Created and executed ABM strategy contributing to 97% customer retention and a 30% increase in customer spending over 24 months.

● Created/executed demand generation strategy yielding metrics (80% e-Gov/20% B2B interaction)

● Reduced product line expenses by 30%.

● Streamlined product strategy to on-time product releases and 25% YoY revenue growth.

● Managed team to implement CRM, Marketing Automation, and Sales Enablement programs with 100% adoption.

About ImageSource Inc.

ImageSource makes process innovation easy by offering advanced process-improvement solutions built on ILINX, the world’s most flexible platform, delivered by an unmatched team of experts committed to customer-partner success. Leveraging advanced smart processing and a simple, elegant user experience, ImageSource empowers leading companies and public sector agencies to gain greater efficiencies, reduce risk, modernize operations, and transform the customer experience. Unlike traditional capture and content management providers, ImageSource combines highly adaptable solutions for cloud, hybrid, and on-premise environments with a track record of implementation success to make process innovation not only possible but remarkably easy.