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Process Management and Business Solutions with Kareem Assassa

Adam Torres and Kareem Assassa discuss business solutions

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Show Notes:

Executing a business plan effectively is not an easy task. In this episode, Adam Torres and Kareem Assassa, Founder of Pursue Solutions, explore how Pursue Solutions is helping businesses execute on their vision. 

About Pursue Solutions

Pursue Solutions specializes in all-inclusive project management services and tailor-made business solutions. In its most basic form, project management is used to accomplish unique outcomes with limited resources under critical time constraints. Our project management services and business solutions help individuals pursue their dreams through effective planning, meticulous organization and conscientious management. We map out entire projects revealing a set of solutions for a series of challenges while driving key objectives and minimizing risks. Our exclusive approach to project management transforms our client’s ideas into tangible results with desirable outcomes. We cater to small businesses, startups, med spas, cosmetic surgery centers, online retailers, and educational organizations.

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