Project Creative Society with Olga Schmidt

Adam Torres and Olga Schmidt discuss the Project Creative Society.

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Show Notes:

The Project Creative Society is helping people in society rethink the way they move forward. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Olga Schmidt, Participant of ALLATRA International Public Movement, explore The Project Creative Society and how people can get involved.


This channel is made by English speaking members of Allatra International Public Movement. We upload videos made by English-speaking participants from all over the globe as well as translated content from our sister AllatRa Channels. 

For more information, please visit www.allatra.org and/or www.allatra.eu If you would like your free downloadable copy of the book ‘Allatra’​, please click here: http://books.allatra.org/en.

Breaking news on climate from all around the world. Always current information and hot news on ALLATRA TV channel. World events, timely information about significant events, what is happening to the planet and how the climate is actually changing. What awaits us in the near future? Are we ready to face global climatic changes, when one part of the planet’s population will become refugees, while another will become host party?

These programmes address topics of the importance of people uniting before the impending events, about the peculiarities of relationships between people in society and the family, the causes of conflict origination and their resolution. About the freedom of choice and mutual respect. Cognition of oneself and observing the consciousness’ illusory game. Why is it impossible to perceive the spiritual world with one’s consciousness? What is true Love? What is the paradox of life? About the peculiarities of spiritual formation of human, how to maintain attention and live by the spiritual world. How to achieve integration and reconciliation within oneself and reconciliation with God.

Sensational studies of consciousness outside the body! Unique experiments using the newest experimental equipment with a pyramidal frame which has no analogues in the world. Can we claim  that all of the nature phenomena  have already been studied by science? Have you ever wondered how the Universe really differs from our understanding of it?

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