Frederick Bell: Protecting Your Wealth Against Inflation

Frederick Bell & Adam Torres discuss the royalty model. 

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Show Notes:

Frederick Bell, CEO at Elemental Royalties

The royalty model for gaining exposure to gold in a portfolio is the route many investors have chosen to diversify their portfolios. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Frederick Bell, CEO at Elemental Royalties, explore the growth of Elemental Royalties and the value acquisition model as a key driver to the company’s success. 

About Frederick Bell

He has a wide understanding of the natural resources industry in a range of corporate and operational roles with practical experience across five countries. A commercial mindset with excellent knowledge of the mining sector. Entrepreneurial with a keen interest in building companies and knowledge of AIM & ASX.

About Elemental Royalties

Their name is to their advantage. There is no royalty story quite like ours. Their name represents their fundamental belief in a simple but powerful business model and sound, patient business principles. They believe this difference offers the primary advantage for investors, providing a unique and undervalued ground floor growth opportunity.

The need for a different kind of royalty company. They built Elemental piece-by-piece from the ground up and began public trading in July 2020. In the beginning, they had little money, no royalties, and no senior company investment or backing. What they did have was determination and conviction for an idea—to create a different kind of emerging royalty company, built upon the growth value of quality, accretive, revenue-generating acquisitions rather than a high volume of exploration royalties that may never produce revenue.

Quality Acquisition Model

A better model. The result was their Quality Acquisition Model, where they take a disciplined, highly selective, and rigorous approach to royalty acquisitions. They seek quality, advanced royalties across established and emerging mining regions that share the exceptional potential for resource growth.

What drives them forward. Nobody has as much passion and drive for a business as the people who start it, the ones who sweat over every detail and risk, who lose sleep over it and who work long hours to build momentum. This entrepreneurial spirit and energy, this connection with their roots, marks their driving force and a key difference from others in the royalty space.

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