Providing 3 Pay Days with Chris Prefontaine

Adam Torres and Chris Prefontaine discuss three 3 Pay Days.

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Show Notes:

Pay Days is changing the way real estate deals are done. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Chris Prefontaine, Founder and CEO at Smart Real Estate Coach, explore how 3 Pay Days is helping investors succeed.

About Chris Prefontaine

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Chris had multiple careers within the real estate industry spanning more than 25 years. During the 1990’s, he built more than 100 single-family homes. From ’94-2000, he owned a Realty Executives franchise in Massachusetts, before selling his company to Coldwell Banker. Today, their family-owned business in Newport, RI still buys 4 to 10 properties per month via lease-purchases and owner financing. They have engineered more than $75 million in transactions.

He’s passionate about continuing education and helping others grow to their real estate investing business to its full potential. This compelled him to begin sharing his strategies and insight with others who want to build wealth outside their core business. He has coached more than 30,000 people throughout the U.S. and Canada during the last 17 years. When they meet a new student or partner, they often find they are frustrated with the hours of hard work they’ve invested is not producing wealth outside the business. They feel trapped and ready to give up. They crave straightforward and proven strategies they can apply quickly to get off the never ending treadmill. Worse yet, most of my students previously purchased “training programs” from other so called “experts” and never received an ounce of support from the “guru.”

His approach is different. He teaches and mentors how to apply the principles of success he uses every day in building his business. Most importantly, he loves working in the trenches alongside our partners; getting his hands dirty and showing them how to avoid mistakes and where they can succeed. In addition to working with him one-on-one, their partners also benefit from the collective strength and wisdom of his entire team. They are family-owned businesses so their partners get all of their expertise — not just their’s, and that creates powerful results.

About Smart Real Estate Coach

Prior to Smart Real Estate Coach’s inception, their founder Chris Prefontaine, had been in real estate for over 25 years. His experience includes the construction of over 100 single family and duplex homes, owned a Realty Executives Franchise; maintaining high per-agent standards; and sold to Coldwell Banker in 2000. He has coached more than 30,000 people throughout the United States and Canada during the last 17-years. Today, Smart Real Estate Coach offers a multitude of services to entrepreneurs, new and seasoned investors, Realtors®, and anyone wanting to learn how to invest our way.

✔Quantum Leap System (QLS) – Their signature home study course
✔High Level Masterminds – 3 levels of personal coaching
✔Annual QLS Event
✔Live Seller Calls – End the fear of phone rejection
✔Seller Specialist Program – An easy path to your first deal
✔Mastermind Calls – Learn from other Associates around the country just like YOU!
✔And More!

WHY CHOOSE Smart Real Estate Coach:
Their approach is different. They don’t invest in real estate the traditional way or have a huge call center of “coaches” who have never closed a real estate transaction. Their family-owned business is in the trenches weekly buying 4 to 10 properties per month via lease-purchases and owner financing. They have engineered more than $75 million in transactions. They care about their associates and home study clients, and the collective wisdom of their team will work with you to close your deals.

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