Providing Scalable Value Through Artificial Intelligence with Gary Melling

Adam Torres and Gary Melling discuss how companies can utilize artificial intelligence to enhance results.

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Show Notes:

  • Applied artificial intelligence 
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Think Tanks

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in many business circles. But what can “scalable value” mean to a business’s bottom line? In this episode, Adam Torres and Gary Melling, President & CEO at Acquired Insights, explore potential process improvements that can lead to better business results.

About Gary Melling

Gary is a seasoned business leader and architect with deep experience in Management Consulting, Corporate Transformation & Turnarounds, and Systems Integration. Currently leading multiple start-up teams in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML). A former Accenture and CSC Executive with experience at designing and implementing solutions for global Human Resources Outsourcing, he drives to optimize the integration and productivity between people, processes and technology. Gary’s strong quantitative & qualitative approach to implementing business and human performance systems and scorecards provides clients with a transparent view of their business and the decision support system for affecting sustainable business benefits.

About Acquired Insights

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world we live in today.

Acquired Insights has been created to give you the tools and expertise to get  started with AI and Machine Learning in your organization. We cut through the hype by bringing together extensive experience in the trenches of digital transformation that increase operational efficiency, enable faster more informed decisions and accelerate innovation of new products and services. 

Every company needs an effective decision support system and a way to manage the large quantities of data that are accumulated over the lifetime of an organization.

AI covers a broad range of technologies and applications. While capturing, analyzing, and retaining data is important, organizations struggle to quantify the business value of their data.

Our focus is on the rapid implementation of highly customized, secure, non-intrusive AI/ML solutions, leveraging existing client software, releases and legacy systems.

Business leaders across industry verticals understand it’s time to evolve beyond silos and work together to drive innovation and business value—or risk extinction.

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