Q&A with Mission Matters Authors

In this show, Chirag Sagar Presents Q&A with Mission Matters Authors,

Watch Full Interview:

Our authors have successfully launched multi-million dollar companies, invested millions, have many accolades, and are involved in many industries. We’ll ask them questions to learn about their stories.

Story Notes:

  • Impact of Publishing a Book
  • Connecting with Fellow Authors
  • Leadership Experience
  • Journey and Experience in Publishing a Book
  • Confidence
  • Value Based Care within Oncology 
  • Setting Standards 

Mission Matters Authors Attended:

  • Parag Amin
  • JC Granger
  • Minji Chang
  • Nancy Rosales
  • Dr. Troy Hall
  • Brian Patrick
  • Qamar Zaman
  • Renee Lopez Cantera
  • Martin Rowinski

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