Raising Capital 101 with Dave Dubeau

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In this episode, Dave Dubeau, a real estate investor and trainer, joins the podcast to discuss his MoneyPartnerFormula.com and the 3 Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make When Raising Capital.

Dave Dubeau is a podcast host and creator of the MONEY PARTNER FORMULA.  He and his team work with mom ‘n pop real estate investors providing done-for-you marketing services to help them raise capital.  Dave’s a best selling author and speaker based in British Columbia, Canada.  He began his real estate investing career in 2003 doing 18 deals in 18 months.  Dave is a passive investor in multi-family residential properties.

Check out Dave’s newest podcast, “The How to Raise Capital 101 Show” wherever you listen to podcasts or at www.raisecapital101show.com – the first 9 episodes are a mini course on how to raise 6 figures in a matter of weeks and seven figures in a matter of months, starting from scratch.

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