Raising Private Money for Real Estate Investors and Entrepreneurs with Amy Mahjoory

Adam Torres and Amy Mahjoory discuss raising private money.  

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Show Notes:

Raising private money is often necessary to fund real estate projects and entrepreneurial ventures. But how many of us know how to raise private money consistently? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Amy Mahjoory, Real Estate Investor, Educator and HGTV Personality, explore Amy’s new course that teaches her system for raising private money.   

About Amy Mahjoory

Amy is a Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, HGTV Personality and expert Real Estate Investor & Educator. For the past 21 years, Amy has studied the art of strategic networking. Before pursuing her passion in Entrepreneurship, Amy was a highly recognized global leader in Procurement, Logistics and Operations Management for Dell. After 14 years in Corporate America, Amy quickly realized that a traditional education combined with the security of a 9-5 was not going to produce the results she wanted to achieve. Amy’s success can be attributed, in large part, to her team-building talents and cutting-edge business systems. She focuses on surrounding herself with some of the most dynamic and dedicated entrepreneurs, mentors, peers, employees and investors. Her training includes Strategic Networking, Team Building, Problem Solving, Outsourcing and Raising Capital. Amy has a genuine interest in helping others succeed. Most of her success originates from her belief in working smarter, not harder. Amy’s number one goal is to provide the absolute highest level of service to her clients.

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