Rani Khetarpal Launches Women in Business Book Highlighting Changes in Cancer Care Delivery Driven by Value-Based Care

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, Dec. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Rani Khetarpal and Adam Torres bring together 18 women leaders for the inaugural edition of Mission Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal their Top Tips To Success – Women in Business Edition Volume 1, published November 2, 2020. 

Khetarpal contributes a chapter titled “Implementing Value-Based Care for Cancer Patients.” From sharing personal stories such as her maternal grandmother’s passing from breast cancer to providing a snapshot of the current cancer treatment landscape, Khetarpal provides tangible evidence for the reader on what is possible through taking a value-based approach for cancer treatment.    

“In a value-based care payment model, our aim is to give the patient better care by lowering the costs and continuing to improve the quality of treatments, while advocating for more informed patients,” says Rani Khetarpal.

Khetarpal also writes about the different aspects of cancer treatment such as the cost of prescribed drugs and treatments, preventable emergency room and hospitalization expenses, and providing crucial end-of-life care delivery with dignity for patients.

According to Khetarpal, “What is changing is the way we look at treating cancer. Although there is much work yet to be done to better understand what the best approach will be to deliver cancer care, one thing is for sure: there will not likely ever be a one-size-fits-all option for treating cancer.” 

This book full of female business leaders aims to serve as a platform to continue the discussion around critical topics such as healthcare reform. 


Rani Khetarpal is an award-winning Healthcare Executive with a depth of experience in healthcare delivery and pharmaceuticals with proven leadership across commercial strategy, market development, and strategic partnerships. Rani has demonstrated an ability to successfully deliver positive results in new and changing environments, focused on outcomes driven by value-based care. With a core emphasis in oncology and post-acute care, Rani is fluent in the impact payment models and care delivery models for all members of the healthcare ecosystem. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Rani continues to successfully guide and implement internal strategies and innovative business models that optimize profitability and quality of care. 

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