Reaching Career Goals for Founders, Entrepreneurs and Executives

Adam Torres and Vivian Garcia-Tunon reach career goals. 

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Show Notes:

VGT People Advisory helps founders and senior executives achieve their biggest career goals and corporate objectives by working with them to identify and resolve areas that are limiting their performance and that of their team. In this episode, Adam Torres and Vivian Garcia-Tunon, Founder of VGT People Advisory, explore VGT People Advisory which has worked with 1,800+ individuals, including Fortune 500 executives and 30+ startups. 

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About Vivian Garcia-Tunon

Vivian Garcia-Tunon founded VGT People Advisory to partner with transformational leaders and help them build great companies. She supports heart centered leaders in becoming more vulnerable, and  by doing so creating powerful and empowering cultures. She is best known by her clients for her enthusiastic and straightforward approach to evoking transformational change and getting results.

Vivian brings years of experience in executive coaching, as well as a successful career as a Human Resources leader within financial services, private equity, and investment banking. She’s an expert in all things related to talent (acquisition, performance and teams), growth including mergers & acquisitions, and diversity. Throughout her career, she built high performing teams in fast paced growth organizations.

About VGT People Advisory

VGT was founded to create high impact, heart centered companies by focusing on all things people. We do this by bringing culture into the big picture, because we know that companies with powerful cultures are the companies that succeed in the long term. We believe an empowered and values-driven workforce produces results, and makes our communities stronger. 

VGT offers custom coaching and advisory solutions. We bring years of expertise across industries and a proven track record for results.